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 ***Proceeds will be donated to my sister Lisa's Breast Cancer Fund***

SamCyn's Edible Delights of Fort Lauderdale, specializes primarily in cookies and cupcakes that are handmade and baked with love...our edible delights are custom made fresh from scratch, using fine and organic ingredients, which include a variety of chocolates from around the world, premium Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla beans, and buttercream frostings that are made with butter (NEVER any shortening), that totally delight and wow your tastebuds.

I am your personal Baker

That's right folks, SamCyn's Edible Delights are custom made fresh to order... which means that if you find yourself in need of some baked goods for  an anniversary, birthday, dinner party, family gathering, office meeting or special event,  or you're just not into baking, but love baked goods made with special care,  please do not hesitate to call me at 954.903.8073 or email me to discuss the details and let SamCyn's Edible Delights do the baking (and deliver) for you (orders currently for Broward, limited parts of Dade & Palm Beach County, FL only - delivery charges apply based on location).

Please Note:  Although it will be noted on the labels, all Edible Delights are processed on shared equipment with NUTS and contain wheat, soy and dairy.


Cookies Baked per Order (two dozen min/per flavor) $10 - $14

Brown Sugar-MolassesStandard Flavors:

Brown Sugar-Molasses // Brownie // Chocolate Chip // Chocolate Chip w/Nuts //  Chocolate-Chocolate Chip // Chocolate-Chocolate Chip w/Nuts // Oatmeal Chocolate Chip // Oatmeal-Raisin // Peanut Butter // Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip // Vanilla (with or w/o sprinkles)

S'moreSpecialty Flavors:

Banana-Oatmeal Chocolate Chip // Chocolate w/Cherries & Almonds // Cranberry Pecan // German Chocolate // Gianduja (chocolate hazelnut) // Lime-Coconut // Rocky Road // Rum-Raisin Oatmeal // S'more // White Chocolate-Macadamia

Cookies with nuts/seeds can be ordered with your choice of the following: Almond / Cashew / Hazelnut / Macadamia / Peanut / Pecan / Pistachio / Pumpkin / Sesame (plain or chocolate covered) / Walnut

Cupcakes Baked per Order (one dozen min/per flavor) $30 - $35

Red VelvetStandard Flavors/Toppings:

Cupcakes can be frosted with your choice of buttercream and topping.

Cupcake flavors: Chocolate //  Coconut //  Funfetti //  Lemon //  Lime // Peanut Butter // Red Velvet // Vanilla //  Yellow

Buttercream flavors: Almond / Biscoff / Chocolate (dark, milk or white) / Chocolate Malt / Coconut / Ganache / Lemon / Toasted Marshmallow / Oreo / Peanut Butter / Vanilla

Pumpkin Pie S'moreSpecialty Flavors:

Carrot Cake // Coffee Crumb // Chocolate Almond // German Chocolate // Gianduja (chocolate hazelnut) // Lime-Coconut // Limoncello // Pumpkin Pie S'more // Red Velvet Oreo // S'more (chocolate or yellow cake)

Toppings: Chocolate Curls (dark, milk or white) / Coconut / Graham Cracker Crust / Mini-Chocolate Chips / Nuts / Oreos / Pretzels / Sparkling Sugar / Sprinkles

Specialized Decorations (fondant or modeling chocolate) : Additional $10-$15 per dozen

Please Note:  Although it will be noted on the labels, all Edible Delights are processed on shared equipment with NUTS and contain wheat, soy and dairy.


Order Terms:

A minimum of two-three day notice is required on standard and specialized flavored cookie and cupcake orders of up to three dozen.  Orders above three dozen, including cupcakes with specialized decorations/themes require a minimum of seven-ten days notice (please call, as there may be flexibility).  

Payment for all orders are due upon receipt of baked goods.  In addition, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required on orders over $50.00 (credit cards accepted).

Furthermore, SamCyn's Edible Delights are made without any preservatives or stabilizers.  They are meant to be enjoyed as soon as possible.  Therefore, if you plan on storing them, I highly recommend placing them in an airtight container, and unless otherwise noted, consume within the first two - three (2-3) days of receipt.


Thanks for visiting, I look forward to "delighting your tastebuds"!